The Journey Continues: Oct. 18, 2016

The journey today has begun with some similar interruptions to yesterday.  I took my granddaughter to her home to drop off her dog and clothes and then on to her school.  Her mom is home so that is good.  Other disruptions came along keeping me from coming home until now so I could sit down and write today’s blog.

I had said yesterday that my spirit was troubled and I couldn’t put a finger on the why.  It proved to be accurate but there was no way I could know this until I got into the day’s events.  I went to the school district where I will be doing some part-time work in November and December.  One of the job assignments is overseeing students at risk in the district.  The morning started with me attending a meeting regarding of of these students.  One of the first things said is that this young man had a long history of sexual abuse from his father and step father.  He has now lived in a series of foster homes.  He has 4 siblings all of which are with relatives.  However, he was seen to be too troubled (abused) by relatives to take him.  In hearing all of this I, for the first time, heard the details through the ears of one who has been abused in his past.  I felt the pain of this young man but I didn’t shut down internally as I have always done in times past and felt that compelling need to flee.  I was able to talk with the team reasonably during the meeting and stay emotionally connected inside.  I I knew God was bringing about real healing as I experienced this.

So, my question has become–How does our spirit know this is going to take place?  Just as soon as the meeting started and I heard this young man’s background I then knew why my spirit was troubled.  There is something very tangible in this spirit world that our human side is totally oblivious to.  I would sure like to know more about this but will have to learn this over time.  Today is a new day and all is well.

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