The Journey Continues: Oct. 21, 2016

Today’s journey begins with a new journal.  Yesterday I had finished the last page of the one I had been using.  Today’s journaling time began with my rereading the first entries of the previous one so I can see what God is doing/has done in the past 3.5 months.  There were two big awakenings for me.  The first one was the amount of fear and anxiety I wrote about in the first month.  I had begun that journal last early July.  The 2nd one was when I had actually begun to journal to Father God rather than to Jesus at the start of each day’s entry.  I had it in my head it was 6-7 weeks ago and instead it was on July 31 which is over 10 weeks ago.  I read through many of those entries and realized once again why God my Father wanted me to journal to Him from this point forward.  I came across the entry where He told me He had sent His Son Jesus to bring me to Him and not to replace Him.  This was a huge statement for me to hear.  It was also in the last few weeks that God has inspired me to accept the challenge of living the life of a new creation–His promise to each of us when He gave us Jesus Christ and His Gift–The Holy Spirit.  Now that I’ve accepted this challenge of living in the truth of being a new creation, I am finding my anxiety being replaced with an assurance.  Life still has its daily issues but they don’t frighten me the way they did.  Somehow God is letting me see them through the lens of being His child and that I can trust Him to lead me through whatever it is.  How grateful I am!

Today is a big day too for another reason.  Kathy and I leave later this afternoon for a 12 day trip to China.  Our leg today is only to fly to Portland, OR.  From there early tomorrow morning we fly to San Jose where we catch a direct flight on to Beijing.  There is a 14 hour time change.  I doubt that I will be making too many entries until we return on Nov. 2.  So, if you see some empty days, this will be the reason why.  Just know the journey will be continuing, I just won’t record it here until we return.

I am so excited knowing I get to see and be on the Great Wall of China.  This is one of the historic wonders of the world and I’ve wanted to experience it every since I first heard of it.  We will also see the Hidden City, Tiananmen Square, Emperor’s palace, Temple of Heaven, Three Gorges Dam (largest in the world) on the Yangtze River where we take a 3 day cruise.  We ride on the fast train.  We end by taking a flight to Shanghai for the last 2 days.  There are some friends going also which make all of this more rewarding.  I have no idea what God moments to expect but I will have my eyes open for them.  God’s blessings to you until we return.

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