The Journey Continues: Oct. 20, 2016

This morning I was prompted to take some time to reflect on my belief yesterday that I am loved.  I had had a couple conversations during the day regarding this fact, but the emotional response had turned into head knowledge and a conversation topic.  I instantly knew why God wanted me to process this.  Love is so much more than knowledge.  Love without emotion is simply an assignment.  I’m pretty good at completing assignments and the emotional response is that now I’m ready to go to the next assignment once the first one is done.  God is wanting me to feel the emotion of being loved.  I realized as I was reflecting this morning that the application of the Serenity Prayer fits here.  “One day at a time, one moment at a time, accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.”  It is sometimes difficult to “feel” love or to “receive” love.  This has always brought a great deal of confusion to my mind as well as a deep sense of unworthiness.  I KNOW this isn’t true any longer, but I am just now realizing I have to live this life for a while before I can find the pathway to peace in accepting love.

My Bible reading, now that I’m finished with the Old Testament, has me reading the New Testament in the Amplified version. This morning’s reading was in Matthew where Christ was telling his disciples to go to the home of the Jews and spread the Good News and heal those who come to them.  He said for them to take nothing so they could receive from those they were serving.  This was a powerful message to me.  My assignments have always been to “do good” but the idea of receiving good hasn’t been easy.  Now God is wanting me to hear just what His Son Jesus Christ was telling us so long ago and keep it real for today.  I do want to find this reality so I can give and receive as Christ has shown us.

I hope this level of sharing is ok with those of you reading it.  I am realizing more and more how many of us deal with similar issues.  Love is a gift from God–receive it well so it can be passed along equally as well.  God bless you as He is me.

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