The Journey Continues: Dec. 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Jesus & Merry Christmas to you.  Today we celebrate the HOPE of the world.  I am so glad we are able to do this.  Without hope, we would endlessly be caught in the bondage of sin:  sins very grip on us.  Jesus came and broke that grip and released the chains for us.  Our assignment is to first accept that HE broke our chains, we can’t do it.  Secondly, accept the Gift He Gave us–HIS VERY HOLY SPIRIT.  With the Holy Spirit comes tenderness, patience, kindness and more–the gifts of the Spirit.  Also with this comes our own ability to see sin as it really is:  bondage.  I don’t care how rich or poor we are, if we do not have Christ in our heart, we have the bondage of sin within us.

The birth of Jesus leads us to the celebration of just four months from now:  Easter.  It took 33 years for Easter to come in the Biblical times.  However, we live in the time where we only reflect on all of this.  The HOPE we know of Christ’s birth was thought to be a fleshly hope–one that brought peace from the bondage of another government, from man.  God, on the other hand, had a much richer peace to offer–the HOPE of eternal life with Him through His Son Jesus.  Spiritual freedom is very different from earthly freedom.

The birth we celebrate today ended in a death (earthly death) which brought the HOPE of Eternal Life–spiritual life.  As I reflect today on this, I rejoice.  As I look at the lost world around me I could easily get weighted down with grief.  I shared this with God this morning.  He reminded me that He is still the Savior of the world.  His free Gift:  The Holy Spirit is still the same GIFT.  I am to do what He instills in me to do and He will take care of the reason He came in the first place.  He will still be the Savior of the world.  We all come to Him one at a time.  I commit to do my part in only acting on the nudges The Holy Spirit gives me and to not act on the nudges my fleshly Earnie gives me.  Those nudges I surrender to God my Father.  Thank you Jesus.

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