The Journey Continues: Dec. 26, 2016

Have you ever been at the point where you didn’t want to be on the journey any more?  The path is too tough, what you see is too difficult to see and then know that it is true for you.  This has been my recent days.  We are having two Christmas days with our kids.  Dysfunction is the reason and we accommodate it.  I know that the dysfunction of my personal family is present but I have kept blinders on to its effect–convincing myself it isn’t as bad as it might seem.  My recent circumcision has removed all blinders.  The way we are having Christmas allows me to see each one of my kids personal walk with God and how mine fits into it.  It sounds sick, but I’ve tried to let my own walk superimpose itself into my kid’s walk with God.  God has been waiting patiently for me to let Him have His own walk with all my kids and grandkids.  Keeping them exposed to God is one thing, trying to coax them into Godly living is yet another.  God is the only one who makes the personal connection for each of us.  He uses His entire team–God Himself, Christ His Son and His Holy Spirit.

Today’s scripture reading was in Romans 8.  I’ve said a few days ago that this book is all about the personal struggle and freedom of walking with God at an intimate level.  Each chapter is packed with truth that I’m finally seeing much more truthfully.  It is not easy but it is true.  Joyce Myers, present day preacher, has written the following quote in today’s Bible reading:  Romans 8:6-14, “This passage helps us understand the differences between following our fleshly desires and allowing God’s Spirit to lead us.  Any time our flesh wants to do one thing and the Spirit of God wants us to do something else, by choosing to follow the Spirit of God we need to know that our flesh will suffer.  We do not like that, but the Bible says that if we want to share Christ’s glory, we have to be willing to share His suffering.  I like to encourage those who are just beginning to walk with God that once the fleshly appetite is no longer in control, they will get to the point where it is easier to obey God.  Even if obedience is difficult they will get to the place where they actually enjoy doing it.  If you are new to the Christian faith, be encouraged!”

I’ve wanted to help my kids find what Joyce is saying here by blinding myself to their truth and thinking “I can help them.”  Well, the truth is that I’ve simply gotten more in the way.  Only God can complete His own promises for each of us.  I’d sworn when I was younger I’d never let my kids suffer life like I had to (hurt like I did).  Little did I understand that I could not replace life’s living (life’s hurt) for them.  Each must choose their own path and live out the consequences.  God will be with them as they allow Him to be.  My role is to support and be obedient to His Holy Spirit’s nudges.  God’s role is to save and guide just as He does for me.  It has taken me a long time to get to this place of understanding.  My journey is a little more clear for me.  God never wastes a moment and He certainly hasn’t wasted the moments of this Christmas season.

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