The Journey Continues: Jan. 28, 2017

On Thursday evening this past week I was able to experience God’s presence and His work in the meeting we had with our Aslan board.  As I was driving home from the school district yesterday I was called by one of the board members.  She wanted me to know that I had handled the meeting well and she felt God’s Spirit in me.  I was truly touched by this.  She had been one of the three very upset the previous meeting.  I was on my cell phone with her when I pulled into our driveway and saw two cars in our yard, one was my sister in law who was to spend the night flying out this morning from our airport and the other was a man I was to meet with and had totally forgotten.  Kathy was gone and these two people were outside waiting for someone to get home–rather embarrassing.

As I quickly regrouped and hugged my sis-in-law, the gentleman and I went into our den so we could talk privately.  He is one I’ve sponsored in our last step study.  We hadn’t met for several weeks due to the holidays and his getting the flu.  We spent a couple hours walking through situations needing to be discussed and prayed about and closed in prayer.  We agreed to meet again next week and look at doing a book study together.  (This time the date is in my phone calendar!)

My work with the school district is ending with a final meeting next Wednesday with the person I was temporarily replacing.  Prior to taking the job I had thought I wouldn’t do any more “secular work” as I thought God wanted me doing “ministry work”.  In the three months there I have been more fully awakened to the reality that God sees anything we do as potentially His work.  I know I am freer to bring Godly principles into conversations I have with individuals realizing we are all spiritual beings in a fleshly body.  Only man does secular work.  God always does His work.  I am realizing that no matter where God has me working I am on assignment for Him.  I don’t need to look for ways to bring Him into the picture.  If I am the new creation He has made, I will automatically be bringing Him into the picture as He is the driver of what I do whether man calls it secular or ministry.

This journey of life is never going to be done until the human life ends.  I will say that living it today is so wonderful with the bondage and weight of my past being much more removed.  Praise our Almighty God!

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