The Journey Continues: Jan. 29, 2017

I’m always glad when January is about to end.  As much as I know about the need for winter, I am always glad to get to February.  I’m only one month away from Spring!

I woke this morning quite early with a number of people on my mind who need prayer.  In attempting to pray for them while still in bed I also knew God was wanting me up for more than prayer.  He wanted me to remember my need for giving Him Thanks through a thankful heart.  As I spent time in my devotions the topic of Thanksgiving seemed to be written all through the elements of the devotional time.  My friend who recently lost her husband can be most grateful He is in heaven; the young man who just can’t seem to find the right sponsor in Celebrate Recovery is finally at a place of true confession; and a man who has tried his best to drive God away and out of His life is now ready to embrace whatever God is asking him to do.  These are just a few examples of what could be worry and anxiety, but instead God wants me to give Him thanks for He is very much working.

I love God for His intimate compassion and never-ending patience with us.  I do want to rest in His love and I also want to be a vessel of His Light for others’ dark moments.  To God be the Glory!

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