The Journey Continues: Jan. 31, 2017

In my mind I see today’s date and tell myself it is the last day of winter.  It is just a little exercise I’ve used much of my life to reinforce the hope of Spring.  In February there are always days that begin to look like Spring is coming so I’ve always internally called Feb. my month of beginning Spring.

This new creation in me is beginning to make more and more sense.  Yesterday’s awakening that it is 24/7 is just the start of the rest of my life.  I had breakfast with a couple of guys from our Celebrate Recovery yesterday morning.  We were working through some difficulties dealing with temptations.  I would have said before yesterday that in dealing with temptation we need to access our new creation, use the armor of God, etc.  However, yesterday I mentioned my epiphany of having our new creation 24/7.  I don’t need to access or put on something as though I don’t yet have them.  In my mind I’ve always dealt with temptation more like a panicked person trying to get work done and I can’t find the tools in time to meet the deadline.  Where is this or that when I need them?  Where is the armor?  Where is the strength of God to withstand any temptation given to man?  Little did I know it was already within me waiting to be accessed.  I didn’t need to find them as much as I needed to be awakened to the truth that they are already within me and I can now use them.  Satan doesn’t flee in my panic–He manipulates so I do panic inside.  For the first time I can actually face temptation as something already defeated rather than seeing myself already defeated.

This reality of this is true for each of us.  The assurance of God’s gifts to us through Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit are the most powerful gifts we can have.  The owner’s manual is making more and more sense as I learn to believe it.

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