The Journey Continues: Jan. 30, 2017

This morning’s devotion brought about an epiphany for me.  Every since I’ve begun to use Cook’s book:  The Nature of Freedom, with my devotions I’ve wondered where to fit it in.  My routine has been to read my devotional, then my Bible, journal and then pray over my prayer list.  I’d tried putting the addition in at different points and finally after a couple weeks began to do it right after I read the devotional.  I felt at peace somewhat about it so I let it go.  The book’s entire purpose (at least for me) is to awaken the reader to the new creation God has given us through His Son Jesus Christ when we invite Him into our lives.  I’ve begun to find that the message within the book jived perfected with my Bible reading.  I’m now reading the beginning of Colossians.  In it Paul is telling to live in joy regardless of the circumstances life has given you.  This tied nicely with the wrap up Paul was giving the people of Phillipi yesterday about being thankful in all things.

My revelation this morning was the awakening that the new creation I am is 24/7.  That seems so silly, yet it is true.  I have desperately needed to find how God would use this new me to address my past, the character defects I’ve had, dealing with the temptations of life, the desires to flee in circumstances that brought up the fears of my past, etc.   I was thinking the new me was for these times.  As I was having my devotions I was pondering how one could live in joy and with thanksgiving 24/7.  It seemed God simply said–“when you live in the new creation 24/7”.  All of a sudden it dawned on me that I can do this!  Certainly I can’t do this on my own but now that I have become much more awake to God seeing the Christ in me rather than the abused sinner in me, I am able to let God take charge of all aspects of me each day–each moment of each day.

This new creation is who gets out of bed each morning and comes to the den to commune with God.  I’d always come to the den to find the new creation so I could take him to work with me or into the day whether I was working or volunteering.  The new creation is simply me–24/7.  I kid you not when I say that when times of temptation or intense fears had come I’d try to find this new creation so I’d face the moments with him.  Now I understand why that didn’t work.  This seems so elementary, yet so profound.  I’m going to dwell in this for a while.

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