The Journey Continues: Feb. 26, 2017

Last Friday I was coming off of an impacting, full day from Thursday.  It had left me questioning some of what I do.  I had asked God about it Friday morning in my devotional time.  I was wondering if I was on target doing what He wanted me doing?  He told me to wait until today as He knew my passions were running high and I needed time for my own spirit to calm.  I have never had a message from God like this before.  My mom had told me to always wait three days before I acted on something important.  She said if the desire to act was still present after 3 days then you’d know to act.  God’s passion doesn’t wain, man’s always does.  God was giving me the same message mom had shared with me so many years ago.

Today as I began my devotions it was clear what I was to be doing.  When I get involved with school district’s doing the consulting work I sometimes get overly involved emotionally regarding the needs, etc.  I begin to think I ought to be spending more time doing it rather than pulling away from it.  However, I could not commit to more time with it unless I cut back on the ministry work I do.  In these past couple of days God has made it abundantly clear He wants me doing this ministry work.  I want my passion aligned with His and led on by The Holy Spirit.  Hebrews 12:29 says God is a consuming fire.  His fire is burning inside to help those stuck and lost.  So, I’ll remain doing as I have been.  To God be the Glory!

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