The Journey Continues: Feb. 27, 2017

Today I started reading in James.  I’ve always called this book the one all about discipline.  If you were a christian you would do this and do that and hurry up and do it because you are on assignment.  Today, however, as I began to actually read it as a new creation, the messages were much more personal and specific.  I know that James was Jesus’ brother.  I’ve often wondered what it was like for him to grow into the awareness of his own brother being his Savior and Lord?  The book of James was obviously written once all of this awakening was done for he truly wants the readers to be on assignment for his Brother–Jesus Christ!

Anger is mentioned several times in chapter one.  I’ve always feared anger due to my growing up years and its abusive use from dad’s own out-of-control anger.  In reading it this time I began to see anger for what it is–an emotion that we are told can be a sin if misused as well as much other insights.  It falls right in line with all the other sin natures.

The other thing this first chapter states is listening to and responding to the Word.  As I was reading it I was also hearing the Word through the lens of a new creation where fear wasn’t present.  Instead, it was with a heart for understanding.  I felt nudges from the Holy Spirit about taking action where He wants me doing so.  I’m coming to understand that the nudges from the Holy Spirit aren’t suggestions–they are The Holy Spirit’s commands for us to obey.  When I asked God about these nudges He said they are spiritual language.  As I become better acquainted with living in the new creation I will get more and more comfortable hearing and responding to them.  It seems a little odd but when I put them in perspective, it isn’t odd at all.  So, today I’m on assignment for God.

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