The Journey Continues: April 20, 2017

I mentioned that God wanted me to learn to listen with spiritual ears and to see with spiritual eyes.  When something like this happens I always think it’s nice, but then I quickly wonder what it actually looks like or what does this really happen?  In meeting with one of my pastors yesterday morning for our weekly book study, I mentioned that God had wanted me to do this.  It was interesting to hear him say that he needed to learn this too.  He said, “I listen with human ears.  I listen so I can respond to what I hearing.  I know I’m suppose to listen to understand, but this is something I’ve not yet learned.”  A key element in this I’m finding is the word “understand”.  How many times have you seen something happen or heard something said and you want to instantly respond to it?  However, when you do, you find that the situation wasn’t at all what you thought and when you went deeper into it you understood why it was the way it was and your need to respond disappeared.

Apply all of this to God’s Work.  I’ve spent most of my life wanting to please God with my work.  The thought of completing God’s work because I sought to know His work ahead of time takes on new meaning.  I’ve always hoped that what I’m doing is Godly and good, but actually doing God’s work takes on new meaning when we have this intimate relationship with Him so we know in our spirit we are doing so.

I know this is what God is wanting to teach me–listen in spirit and see in spirit so I can recognize what the Holy Spirit is confirming within me for the areas of work I am to do.  This is going to take more time, but I’m enjoying this challenge of approaching life through the spirit rather than through the more self-centered ways of man.

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