The Journey Continues: April 19, 2017

Yesterday morning while I was journaling I felt God nudging me to write down something that didn’t make a lot of sense at the time.  I wrote that I was to listen with spiritual ears and see with spiritual eyes.  During the morning yesterday I had a 30 minute conversation with someone who said they wanted my help creating a 3-day conference that would take place this coming Fall.  They had talked to me briefly about 6 weeks ago simply saying they’d like my help with the area of homosexuality since that would be a portion of what the conference would address.  I had taken the brief comments from 6 weeks ago and created several ideas which came out in yesterday’s conversation.  My problem was that I had been thinking/working from a very inaccurate amount of information.  I was thinking the conference would be for lay people and this person wanted it to be for the leaders working with the lay folks.  It wasn’t for the masses, it was for those who led the masses.  It took me most of the 30 minutes to finally hear this.

Now, lets go back to what I wrote in my journal yesterday.  God had told me to listen with spiritual ears and to see with spiritual eyes.  It had no connection at the time I wrote it but this morning when I reread it I could instantly apply it to the important conversation I had only a couple hours later.  I was listening with human ears and seeing what I thought would be a great plan of implementation.  Only when I heard who the audience was did I suddenly awaken to my inaccurate perception.

Today I’m meeting with one of our pastors who is doing a book study with me.  He has asked that I consider working with him on his area of ministry.  I am going to go into  this day much better prepared to listen and see what God is wanting me to do so.  Once I’m confirmed that I have the information accurately in hand will I take it to God for what He’d want me to do with it.  I’ve said often that I enjoy being a good learner.  This was a lesson that caught me off-guard.  However, now that I’m awake, I want to practice well what this lesson is teaching.

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