The Journey Continues: April 26, 2017

It is nice to be needed, and it is also nice to be supported.  However, for some it is a lot easier to support than to accept the support.  My sis has always been a supporter and her husband was just the same.  As I was asking God this morning to help me know how to support He reminded me to look with spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ears.  Even though Bonnie and I have been very close all of our lives, we have differences.  Today I will listen and watch to see how to best give kindness and support.  I was also reminded in my one book study that the relationship God pursues with us is real and personal.  In listening to Bonnie last night, she told me about an act Randy’s life-long friend did for her just yesterday.  It made me realize just how real and personal God is and how He uses us kids to complete His kindness if we are listening and responding to Him.

One more thing God showed me this morning is that it is hard to listen to Him and hurt at the same time.  We become to self-focused when we hurt and listening is harder to do.  However, that is a good time for others to do the listening.  For these reasons I want to be an awfully good listener to God today to see how to give this needed support so it completes what God is doing.

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