The Journey Continues: April 25, 2017

This day began rather early, 4:00 am.  I had a phone call from my sis, Bonnie, just older than me who lives in S. California.  Her husband Randy died in his sleep about midnight.  She said she called because she needed to hear my voice.  We both wept.  This was all so unexpected.  Randy had fallen asleep on the couch after Bonnie had gone to bed.  Bonnie awoke to find that he was gone.  I don’t even know why I’m putting all this in my blog except to say, it is part of today’s journey.

Life is so fragile and we so often forget this piece as we live from day to day.  Randy and Bonnie had 47 years together.  They have 2 sons and daughter in laws.  Each of them has a young girl.  They are a close-knit family and I know they will pull together to support one another.  Kathy and I will leave to go down as soon as we know the right time to be of support for them.

God is good and His kindness is also just as good.  I started to wonder why God would take Randy at a time like this, but then I was reminded of this truth–God is good and one of his fruits is kindness.  It will be good to watch Him work with Bonnie and her family at this time.  Prayers would be appreciated.

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