The Journey Continues: May 26, 2017

Yesterday’s journey was an adventure which would have taken me into a cave in my times past.  It started simply doing some yard work at home that all went well.  As I headed to a friends to do some work for them I encountered problems with their equipment.  I simply said I’d return today with my own so I could do the work.  On the way home I got a troubling call from one of our men in recovery.  A decision was being made in leadership which would have implications throughout our recovery ministry.  I knew I needed to step into it and I did.  During this time I had one more call from another man in our recovery group who is deeply struggling with his addiction.  He has been deeply bruised by his childhood abuse and his belief system about himself is weak.  We talked much about the new creation God is making in him and this takes time.  A baby doesn’t quickly learn to walk, talk, make decisions, etc. without much guidance and nurture.  One would never expect a baby coming from the birth canal to walk out of the room.  Why would anyone expect a new creation to be strong enough to walk in this world without much help. This is what we are to do with one another helping us to keep our new creation in front of us and not our old haunting habits.

The day didn’t end with this but my point in writing this is that these issues in my past, even though I’d deal with them as a leader, would take me into my own isolation feeling I wasn’t good enough or the right person to make them.  I’d beat myself up and let the voices in my head rule.  I realized this morning that this isn’t so true anymore.  I’m very grateful for this growth and healing God is giving me.  Growing into the belief that I am made new is truly a healing and gift.  Each one of us must ultimately find this truth within us, but we sure need to help others struggling see that God didn’t leave them out like I thought He had with me for so long.  God is so good!

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