The Journey Continues: May 27, 2017

This morning I finished the book of Joshua in my Bible reading.  In the last chapter, ch. 24, Joshua is reminding the Israelites of all God has done for them.  Their part in this was keeping God as their God and not turning to the gods of the foreigners living in the land promised to them.  The battles that were won with these foreigners had to be fought but in reality, most of the battle was won by God’s work.  The Israelites simply needed to show up for the battle and watch God do His part.

There is such a direct connection of this work of God then to the work God is doing in my life today and is doing in each of our lives as we keep Him as our God.  The gods of the world around me have been replacing God.  I can so easily see now how Satan has been working on this with me from my very childhood.  The choices of my brother and my dad were used by Satan to destroy the spirit of belief God had given me at birth.  Now that I see God fully as my God and I am working to live in the new creation He gave me so long ago, He is restoring my spirit with His Holy Spirit.  He is showing me that I am His adopted son and that He sees His very own Son, Jesus Christ, in me as I grow more and more into the likeness of Jesus through the new creation He gave.

The Israelites claiming their Promise Land was done physically.  We claim our Promise Land spiritually.  Joshua told the Israelites to choose today whom they will serve.  They chose God.  We are asked today whom we will serve?  I have chosen God and in so doing I am giving up the idols (gods) I’ve fled to in my past–porn, isolation, self doubt, identity issues and more.  I choose God and I stand before Him and man as a new creation.  I am learning more and more how to do this just as the Israelites needed to learn to claim what was theirs and trust their God.

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