The Journey Continues: June 21, 2017

I don’t know how much you know about Elijah, but he was the main topic in today’s Bible reading.  I love how God spoke to him and how he would instantly obey no matter how difficult the circumstances were.  He confronted the king and queen ( as evil as she was) and God was glorified.  Yet, he would then let his emotions get the best of him and he’d flee.  God didn’t seem to be offended by his fleeing.  Elijah would question God, God would guide him, comfort him at times, but then God would give him commands and Elijah would obey.  This is found in I Kings 17-19.

I’ve never been one to trust emotions.  I’ve always thought I learned to be this way from my dad’s emotional outbursts which only damaged us kids physically and emotionally.  I’ve presently learned to respect emotions and know that they are not sin as I thought when I was much younger.  They are actually a natural part of us and of God.  I know that emotion is fuel.  It ignites us to act on whatever is before us.  It is the substance of passion.  Emotion is important in sustaining us as we do our work particularly when we know we are doing it with God.  However, I struggle about decision making during emotional times.  In my life I’ve made decisions that were not the best when they were driven only by emotions.  I  know that decisions must align with God’s Word, prayer, circumstances and our church.  This comes directly from working with Experiencing God.

Last night Kathy and I joined a songfest which was housed by a couple in our church.  It was joyously emotional and good.  I worshiped during this time and God was glorified.  I have a couple decisions I’m needing to face.  I do not want them to be done from emotions only.  However, if they were, I’d have already done it for one is very enticing and the other is a “labor of love”.  God keeps telling me to see where He is working for that is what He is wanting me doing.  I’m seeking to see with spiritual eyes and listen with spiritual ears.  I’ll keep you posted.

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