The Journey Continues: June 22, 2017

In the workbook study I’m doing of Experiencing God, there are steps identified which God takes us through as we truly experience Him.  As we build an intimate relationship with God we naturally go through these steps at various times.  I am seeing this quite clearly of late for myself.  I said yesterday that I had a couple decisions I’m needing to make about involvement in some projects.  The one which I so wanted to do has been in the forefront of thinking of late.  I’ve had three phone conversations about it in the past two days.  It involves educational work similar to the consulting I’ve done in the years since leaving the school district in 2007.  I had pulled away from the consulting when I joined the Nampa School Dist. in 2013 to assist with their financial crisis–that became full-time work for 2.5 years.  Recently I’ve been asked to rejoin the work that is now being adjusted to better fit schools/districts in crisis.  My own crisis has been how to choose what God truly wants?  In my mind I’ve thought God wants me in church type ministry because “that is God work”.  However, this morning, God made it very clear that secular work doesn’t remove Him from working.  He said to me that He wants me to take part so the work He is doing can be called out as His work.  In doing so it helps man to get his eyes off of himself and onto the Greater Power of God Almighty.  This probably seems vague to a reader, but it has been very clear to me.

I’ve loved working the past 45 years in education.  As I’ve spent the last year getting to know God and journaling to Him, I’ve felt like He wanted me to eliminate all the secular related work I’ve done to only do ministry work related to church.  This way I knew for sure I was joining His work.  I’ve wondered if my work all these years in education has been more out of my own selfish desires than truly pleasing God.  This morning God has made it very clear to me that only man calls His work church related or secular related.  He calls His Work–His Work.  I categorize it, not Him.  He wants me working where He points me and provides the clarity of purpose.

One other item of importance that has come out of the past couple days has to do with “a heart of stone vs a heart of flesh”.  In Ezekiel 36:26 God’s word says: “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”  When I was going through my years of counseling God gave me this promise.  I thought when God gave me a clean heart He polished the heart I had–He made it shiny.  How He wanted me to unlearn that lie.  What I didn’t then understand about a heart of flesh is that flesh feels.  He wanted my heart to feel.  My past had hardened my heart so it didn’t feel the hurt of the past.  Today, God wants me feeling with my heart.  An incident of last night at Celebrate Recovery showed this to me.  A hardened heart judges man when he hears a man’s story.  A heart of flesh feels a man’s need and discerns how to support because he is led by The Holy Spirit’s nudge.

So, these are my lessons of late.  God is always Good!

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