The Journey Continues: July 23, 2017

Today is Kathy’s (my wife) birthday.  If this grandchild is born they will be twins 66 years apart.  One of my little grandsons asked if they would actually be twins!  Cute.

Yesterday I met a gentleman pastor who was present last Christmas when the quartet I sing in did a program for the juvenile correctional center in Nampa, ID.  I think at the time I blogged that the chaplain lost her job over this because of my mentioning my homosexual brother abusing me.  It was contorted by an employee who heard it saying that I was bigoted and hateful towards the homosexual lifestyle.  This gentleman told me I needed to know the rest of this story.  He said that this employee’s email was sent to the director of Idaho’s correctional centers.  This person in turn received a rebuttal from the chaplain who had resigned.  In it she has told the actual truth of what I had said.  The state director took the email and the rebuttal to the governor of our state.  He told her to visit the center and find the truth so appropriate action could be taken.  This was done and she interviewed employees present that night as well as some of the 75 kids present.  She found nothing to support the first employee’s email.  So, the employee was given a different schedule so she did not work when spiritual matters were being given to the kids there.  Along with this, one of the boys in the center who had been the worst offender turned his life around resulting from our visit and testimonies.  My heart felt so much better hearing all of this.  God is so thorough in completing the work He wants done.  Hallelujah and Praise the Lord.

P.S.  The chaplain has told me her resignation has been a good thing.  She has moved and restored some relationships in her own life that needed to be done.  Just reinforcing how intimate and thorough God truly is.

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