The Journey Continues: July 24, 2017

July has a lot of joy and celebration in it for me.  It starts with my birthday on the 1st and then has my youngest daughter on the 7th.  Kathy was yesterday on the 23rd and today is my older sis Alice’s birthday.  It could also be the birth date for my new grandchild–but I’m not making any predictions!  Today is also the birthday for my brother Rich–the one who used me for so long.  I can tell that forgiveness is thorough between him and me because I only have fond thoughts of this day.  All the agony and bitterness within me is gone towards him.  He has been gone now for 41 years.  I can hardly believe it has been so long.  This is a good example of a past that needs to simply now be buried and left alone.  There has been much I’ve needed to learn from it and that part is still in progress.  However, I don’t any longer need to relive those days in order to learn new lessons in moving forward.

Yesterday’s step study lesson was HOPE.  The focus is whether I find my hope in God my Father or in material things–that which man does.  I have always been one to turn to God for decisions before me.  There also have been times when financially I’ve needed to rely solely on God.  I think the biggest piece of this lesson that struck me yesterday was TRUST.  I can trust God with my life because He loves me and desires to care for me.  This is what I’ve never known well until these past few years.  God deeply cares for you and me so much more than I ever knew.  If we parents and grandparents want to give an important gift to our kids and grandkids it needs to be their understanding of just how much God cares for each of them.  They are a treasure in God’s eyes just as we are.  That makes me smile!  I can trust God to care for my needs because He loves me so.  That, my friend, is a reality.  Thank you dear Father.

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