The Journey Continues: July 26, 2017

Ivy Amber Kinzer is now with us!  She was born last evening around 8:00 pm.  She is a beautiful example of God’s exceptional detail and intimacy.  How in the world man thinks he can clone or replace what God has already done is simply lunacy.

I have just completed reading Job in my Bible reading.  What a tormenting book.  I’ve always loved having friends.  However, having read again how narrowly the friends of Job saw his torment as God’s punishment for unconfessed sin is haunting.  How often I too will cast my judgment regarding a present situation.  Man is told so many times to not judge, yet we do it to one another all too often.  There is a critical difference between judging a situation and supporting it.  The one needing support will certainly tell you the difference.  Support enables one to take another step, live through another day and more.  Judgment saps all energy.  It gives the strong sense of hopelessness.  This is what Satan wants man doing.  I want no part of this.  Just this morning I asked God again to help me see the needs He wants me supporting and keep my focus only on support.  His TEAM–God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit are the ones to alert oneself to any judgment.  When they do it they also provide the Light to step out of one’s darkness.  This is where I want to support.  To God be all Glory!

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