The Journey Continues: July 27, 2017

This morning was one of important lessons as I encountered in my devotions.  They were both found in Psalms 7:9.  It reads:  ” Oh, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end, but establish the righteous. For you, who try the hearts and emotions and thinking powers, are a righteous God.”  Yesterday I got a disturbing message from a person I love.  It felt condemning.  I wanted to go set it straight today and will.  However, the manner in which I would do it was my first lesson.  I had not noticed this verse stating clearly that God tries my heart, emotions and thinking powers.  He does this so I can be more like Him as I learn to surrender what is man’s response so I give a Godly response.  Yes, I do need to make clear what felt condemning but I don’t need to do it with venom which that “snake in the grass” wanted.  As I read this scripture this morning and thought about yesterday, the last thing I wanted was to come across condemning and judgmental as I had stated in yesterday’s blog.  God is so good at steering us into His Ways when we listen and obey.

The second lesson for me has been one being addressed over the past few weeks.  I had accepted the work of consulting with a school district this coming school year.  I had said I’d only do one district because it means a day a week devoted to them.  Even though I knew God was wanting me to do this I was still wrestling with the fact I was taking on new secular work when I thought God was wanting me to do His Work.  I had stated a few weeks back I knew God was in both “secular and spiritual” work as man would define it.  Yet, I wasn’t settled in my soul.  As I was talking this out yesterday I suddenly realized I was the problem.  I had spent my entire working life until I retired hiding my past from the community I served educationally.  After retirement and I began consulting I had also begun Celebrate Recovery and eventually the 3 years of counseling.  There, I didn’t hide my past.  I began to state it and address it.  I had come to the conclusion God wanted me in His spiritual work as defined by “church” in my mind.  Well, it is now clear to me that only I was thinking this way.  God’s Work is all around me.  I asked to join it and He asked me to join it in a secular setting for part of my time.  That is pretty simple to understand once I get all my troubled thinking out of the way.  I’m not hiding anything anymore.  In fact, I use my past to define how we get stuck with faulty thinking in our secular work.  Once we see it we can move past it.

Now, back to Psalms 7:9–It states that God tries our heart, emotions and mind.  He really hit upon these for me this morning and now I’m clear to move forward with a relationship and with some work.  What an amazing God He is.  Somehow I see Him looking at Jesus and shaking His head saying, “Finally, he got it!”

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