The Journey Continues: July 29, 2017

My journey is approaching an anniversary.  In two days I will have completed a year of journaling to God my Father.  When that happened a year ago I had no idea what that would lead to.  I won’t tell this story until Monday the 31st.  But I will share today what this morning brought to light.

Have you ever had someone you wanted to be friends with but the time to be with them never opened up?  Then, at some point, it happened.  The two of you were together and you realize, this is what I’ve been wanting but what do I say now that I’m here?  You and the other awkwardly stumble through some disjointed statements, slap each other on the backs and move on.  I think, well, that relationship was a flop.  He doesn’t even know how to have a conversation.  However, you still have that sense within drawing you to a friendship.  One more attempt is made and you finally say what seems to make you at risk–“I’d like to have you as a friend.”  In that statement you just opened the door for the other one to say the same to you–“I’ve wanted to have a chance to be your friend too .”

I’ve known God most of my 67 years.  I’ve tried to be a good boy for Him during this much of my life.  This morning He is saying something like–“I want to be your friend who is also your God.  Up until now I could never fathom God being friend–that was why He gave us Jesus.  However, my many years of journaling to Jesus never accomplished a friendship between us either.  When I didn’t really know Jesus’ Father, I couldn’t really trust Him.  And, bigger still, when I didn’t know myself, I couldn’t trust a genuine friendship because I didn’t know such a term as genuine.  Genuine meant “pure” and I wasn’t.  Well, God is taking care of that flawed thinking and on Monday I will go fully into this friendship being built.

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