The Journey Continues: July 30, 2017

Today I rejoice.  At the top of my prayer list I began to write many months back:  New Creation.  It was a reminder to live the life of a new creation as I live each day.  Today as I read it I suddenly awoke to the fact I am a new creation.  I don’t live the life of a new creation by “doing” so I can be one if I do it well.  I live the new creation because I am one.  When God told Moses to tell Pharaoh I AM has sent you, God said this because that is one of His Names.  I am starting to wake up that God wants me to see that being a new creation is something I am.  I can’t be a one by striving, I already am one.  I am one and will live it out when I quit trying and starting responding.

In my devotions this morning reading in Psalms 32:9 we are told to not be like mules or horses which need bridles and bits to follow their master.  The Holy Spirit nudges us with promptings from God.  A new creation responds to the nudge without fighting.  I don’t need to do things I hope please God.  I do the things The Holy Spirit nudges me to do.  This may not seem like much of a message to some, but it is a huge one to me.  I am ingrained to “do” instead of to “be”.  I’m going to dwell on this now and see how it plays out.  Somehow I believe it is just what God has been wanting me to see and respond to.

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