The Journey Continues: Aug. 24, 2017

You know the saying:  “God is working all the time–All the time God is working”.  Well I’m finding that God’s work doesn’t have a pattern that is replicated so one can easily say–that’s God working.  There are times when it is so apparent one can say it, but so many times it is much more buried.  I tend to look for God’s work in the finished product.  However, that end result may be weeks, months and even years away.  So, is God working during these less visible moments?  And, yes, of course, I know the answer is definitely:  God is working all the time–All the time God is working.

The projects I’ve been working on with a couple of our pastors are approaching the visible side where the product of the work can be seen and known.  Hopefully each will be a spirit-filled time.  The conference I’ve also been working with which will take place this October will be another “product” where God’s work can be seen and felt.  At this point in all of this work I’m wanting to have connections made so all three work hand in hand.  This is when Earnie wants to come forth and pull everyone together saying, “Lets unite our efforts and ensure everyone profits from each one’s work.  That’s such an easy statement to say and such a difficult one to facilitate.  You see, I am not the one in charge of the three, I’m advisory with each one.  So, is God working at this point?  If I am deep into the work I’m too caught up to even think about it.  However, when I take a step back, yes, indeed I can see His handiwork all over the place.  God’s timeline for completing His Work is where I need to be.

Yesterday I spent a portion of the later afternoon with a young man who is about to finish reading my book.  It was recommended to him by his father-in-law.  As we met he could hardly talk without breaking down.  He has held so much within for so long he is breaking up inside.  We are meeting again this afternoon.  It is so painful to take these first steps–how well I recall.  Yet, these steps are the ones which start a journey that never ends leading to us learning the beauty of the masterpiece God is wanting each of us to know in Him.  How I love Him for this.

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