The Journey Continues: Sept. 28, 2017

There is one thing about having a brother working with me for a few days–it reminds me why I never wanted to work with family members, at least family members that are brothers.  The constant teasing and sarcasm does get to me.  It doesn’t make me mad or anything along that line, it hurts.  I always forget just how much it hurts until I’m around it over a sustained period of time.  Today will be day 3 of my brother helping me with the greenhouse.  Yesterday he brought a friend with him which allowed us to handle some things with the assemby that required 3 sets of hands.  I was awakened to the fact that when there is an audience the intensity of the teasing increases 10 fold.

As I was journaling about this during my devotional time this morning God reminded me to learn from this current event.  He said that my old self was bruised a great deal from all the teasing because it always connected to the damage of dad’s ridiculing remarks when I was growing up.  However, now that I’m growing into being the new creation I can see the truth in the message.  The teasing is more about winning a conversation with a family member in a topic I can’t talk directly about.  I know my brother is my best help.  He is always right there when I can’t figure something out.  Yet, he is always the first to try and get under my skin with his remarks.  I do know how to get under his skin too so I’ll do my part with this too–not sure that’s the right thing to do but it feels better if I know he got bruised a little too.

Last night’s Celebrate Recovery was a big blessing.  I taught the lesson on Denial.  It was a good time to address my own need to step more totally out my denial.  Even the topic of this family teasing and the hurt it causes is something I can actually face and admit now.  God never quits working on refining us to be more like Him.  However, I’m finding I can’t be at all like Him if I stay in denial to the areas of need I have within me.  God is so patient and good.  I want to continuously give Him all the Glory.


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