The Journey Continues: Sept. 29, 2017

This morning’s scripture reading was in Ezekiel.  Chapter 11 and verse 19 talks about God giving us a “heart of flesh”.  This heart if also given with a new spirit–a spirit that is sensitive to God’s love and leading as well as sensitive to mankind.  This is not my first time to be challenged by God’s promise of giving us a new heart.  I write in my book about my first encounter with this phrase.  I thought it meant replacing this heart of stone with a shiny heart of stone.  Having a heart of flesh seemed weak to me.  All of flesh is weak when it comes to spiritual matters so why would I have one?

Now, 6 or 7 years later I’m finally learning that a heart of flesh is actually the heart God gives a new creation.  Learning to live as a new creation is what teaches us about the heart of flesh.  A heart of flesh is one which hears the heart of God and obeys what God’s nudges say to do.  It is also sensitive to the needs of man so you can see beyond the problem of man and respond to the inner need that may be causing the man to be in the problem he is facing.  I know for a fact that I can know all of this as information, but it is totally a different experience to know this in my heart and respond from obedience at this spiritual level.

A real denial factor I had was in this heart of flesh.  I could never be fully open to God’s leading throughout my life.  There were too many times when I fought back from telling someone about my past knowing it would be helpful for the one with me.  Their battle needed to know they weren’t alone in it.  I couldn’t take that step.  I also could never move any higher in my educational world for fear someone would want to know my background and then I’d be put out on the street so I could never touch another child.  These lies I now see as Satan’s deceptions and shackles.  God’s promises of a new heart and a new spirit are well worth taking on faith and allowing Him to show us just how much He will use our story for His Honor and Glory.  He will also give us much joy as we see our shackles and shame used by Him to bring others His freedom.  It is so amazing to see what God does.  I want to stay in this realm the rest of my days.

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