The Journey Continues: Sept. 30, 2017

Today is suppose to be a big day.  Our quartet is singing for a big event this afternoon which is an annual one.  We bring others into it so it is more of an ensemble.  There will be 120-130 people coming for a dinner and the program.  It will hopefully be very God honoring.  That is our intent.

Yesterday the Lewis brothers (4 remaining) and spouses got together for a dinner at the oldest living one’s home. We’ve begun to do this monthly.  It started with 5 brothers and a brother in law coming a couple years ago but the oldest brother and the brother in law have passed away leaving 4 of us.  Even the 2nd oldest living brother has lost his wife making 7 when we meet.  It is fun and rewarding to do this.  In many regards I wonder how we can be so different and yet be so close.  I guess I won’t try and figure that out, just appreciate the fact we are close.

My nephew had a stem-cell transplant yesterday.  They say it went well.  He has been battling chemo treatments for the past couple years.  This type of cancer is very threatening so we are praying the transplant will be highly effective.  As our family ages, it is difficult to watch and live through continued decline in health for our members.  Kathy’s sis is with us for a few days too.  She had surgery a couple days ago and is recouping with us.  I feel somewhat melancholy with these issues and how little one can do to help.  I know prayer is a key ingredient but sometimes that feels intangible.  I know God is good and life is not forever.  I’ll trust in God and continue to do my best with the time I have.


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