The Journey Continues: Nov. 21, 2017

The journey has me continuing to grow in my spiritual awakening.  Yesterday I went and talked to a good friend and co-leader.  As we talked I asked her if she was aware that the home of the Holy Spirit was our mind?  Her response was something like, “Oh, you are just now realizing this?  I’m glad to know you are catching on to what God is wanting you to know.”  As I talked to her about deep taproots needing to be removed, she likened them to the roots of wild morning glory.  This is a noxious weed which grows in our area of the country.  It is almost impossible to completely remove without intense attention.  These are the very roots I know The Holy Spirit is removing from me of late.  These roots were my beliefs about my value, who I thought I was and so much more.

I can hardly put into words the gratitude I have for all the help God is providing me these days.  Now that I can see a clear picture of Christ on His Throne in my mind it becomes easy to let Him respond to issues I have to face within a day.  I know I’m only a few days old with this clarity, but I can now see this growing instead of fading in time.  The picture of Christ in my mind is not fading.  It is clear and anchored.  The Holy Spirit is also free to work in me and through me now that I know Christ is at home in me.

My one question at this point is centering around why the church doesn’t teach this better?  I asked this of my friend yesterday and she said she wondered if the church leaders are aware of this reality?  I’m meeting this morning with one of them and I’m going to ask.

God being Almighty God is also Almighty and Powerful in His Intimacy towards us.  His love and compassion towards us is shown by His relentlessness in pursuing us and patiently waiting for us to see Him as our personal Lord and Savior through His Son–Jesus Christ.  How I praise Him!

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