The Journey Continues: Nov. 22, 2017

The journey is about to face Thanksgiving.  Boy, will I have new topics of thanks this year.  I just barely can fathom Christ cleansing this mind of mine from all the lies I’ve believed about me, the sins I’ve done and had done to me.  Just as I was typing this I got a text sent from the pastor I met with yesterday morning.  In part it reads:

“The first recorded miracle of Messiah was the changing of water into wine.  But wine is only wine if it’s aged.  But the wine of the miracle had no past to be aged.  Thus, in a sense, it had to be given a new past.  If God can give a past where there was no past, then He can remove a past where there once was one.”

This is exactly what I now see God has done for me.  He has backed up my past to the very point where He created me.  All the memories of abuse He has now changed to lessons to be shared in helping others unravel their bondage.  How does a Savior do this?  Well, He is Almighty and full of Compassion.  He does not want any of His Kingdom creations to be lost as I’ve been for so long.  He does this as we are ready for these steps to take place.  His miracles are truly Miracles!

Yes, I have much to be thankful for and this year I will praise and glorify my God as I worship Him!

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