The Journey Continues: Dec. 19, 2017

There’s some startling truth that begins to unfold when I read the book of Acts.  The boldness of the disciples came when the Holy Spirit filled them.  Secondly, The Holy Spirit didn’t just fill them, He gave them words He wanted spoken.  This isn’t just found in the initial anointing which happened at Pentecost while they were in the upper room.  Throughout Acts, The Holy Spirit is very present and is always bold and giving words which are to be spoken.

My religious upbringing talked about being filled with The Holy Spirit but not in the way Acts does.  I know we all are given the Gift of The Holy Spirit when we receive Christ, but to be filled with The Spirit is another item.  I’ve never really struggled to talk about my relationship with Christ.  What I’ve struggled with is talking about my abuse thinking it would keep me from having this relationship.  Now I sense The Holy Spirit is wanting me to be bold in it.  For this reason I do take the opportunities to speak out.  I don’t think I do this with boldness.  There are times when I am talking about all of this with someone and words are said which make me wonder where they came from.  I sense they are from The Holy Spirit within.  I just know I want to be obedient to His calling and His leading in my life each moment of each day.

What I desire most of all is intimacy with God’s Holy Spirit.  I’m not sure what that would be like, but I will continue to seek His fullness within me as I take my daily steps to follow His lead in my life.


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