The Journey Continues: Dec. 20, 2017

Yesterday someone I love shared with me how God had blessed them in a most significant way.  They felt most unworthy of the gift, but yet it was given.  This morning I’ve not been able to get this out of my mind and heart.  It has taken me so long to learn that what God wants most from me is my love demonstrated in my trust and faith in Him.  This action of love is driven by the passion of heart rather than the discipline of mind.  The passion of my heart is directly tied to my spirit.  The discipline of mind has been in the control of my humanness thinking that is how I should obey God.  It hasn’t been until I’ve learned just how tender and kind God’s love is through getting to know Him more, that I’ve taken the steps of greater faith and trust.  These steps have been the steps of coming out with my past, to stop hiding behind walls that only kept in the hurt rather than give real protection, and more.  It is even to tell when I presently struggle.  My humanness is not over until I die, so the fact I face temptations and struggles is a given.  God doesn’t want me hiding them.

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that God is most interested in our relationship with Him first and foremost.  The reason for this is that it isn’t until we have the deeper relationship that we begin to trust God enough to tell the truth about our struggles.  Then when we do we don’t find condemnation, we actually find support and greater love.  As I was journaling this morning about this I asked God what He wanted me to know.  He brought to mind The Lord’s Prayer.  It says in part, “…Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven….”  God reminded me that His Kingdom is the universe which includes us–earth.  He wants what is in heaven right here on earth.  We cannot  be separated from sin’s influence while on earth, but when our relationship is strong in the Lord, we can have His Power to protect us from these evil influences.  All of this comes from a relationship God continuously pursues with us.  All my life I tried to get there through my works.  Little by little I’m getting straightened out.  I must say that God is truly the best and most kind teacher.  He is also the most patient One!

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