The Journey Continues: Dec. 22, 2017

I sit down to the computer this morning with a great deal of gratitude.  The work I do with the schools is done except for the monthly reports I will finish this morning, shopping is done and my grandson is here to help me organize the wrapping process, the ministry work is on hold until after the new year, and I’m able to take the next couple days and get my part all done for the upcoming family days.  There is something about time and having enough of it so getting things done can be enjoyed rather than crammed into a quick moment.

When I was journaling earlier I asked God what he wanted me to know for the days ahead when all the family is here (arriving Sunday evening for the week)?  I’m always taken back by His immediate responses to questions.  He simply said, “Don’t allow anything to interrupt our time each morning.  You need to know that I desire it with you, you need it and desire it, and your family actually looks to you in admiration for taking the time with Me each day. ”  I do love how plain God makes His messages.  I can get all befuddled trying to analyze things, but when I simply ask, He gives a clear and concise response.

So, into the day I go ready to sort, wrap and enjoy!

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