The Journey Continues: Dec. 21, 2017

As today begins I’m pondering just what God wants me to post today?  Last weekend I had a rather disturbing situation occur.  I didn’t post it at the time because I hadn’t know what God wanted me to learn from it. I was accused of saying something very hurtful about someone I’ve known much of my life.  I supposedly said it to someone else I know well who told this other person.  “I had said it in jest, I was told.”  I was made aware of this last Sunday morning before our first service.  What is so troubling is that I did not say any of it.  I’ve only talked to the two directly involved–the one who said I told her and the one it was said about.  I apologized to the hurt person because I care deeply for them and never want them thinking otherwise.  I’ve puzzled over this wondering what I’m to do with it?  Do I just chalk it up and let it go or is there a lesson for me to learn?  Those who know me well know I can say some pretty stupid things in jest.  However, I always remember saying them and always feel that little prod from my spirit when I need to apologize for it.  This just wasn’t like that in any way.

This morning I asked God if He wanted me to know anything from this experience?  Instantly I felt Him saying that this kind of sly deviousness is exactly what Satan does to put question marks in people’s mind about God’s Kingdom workers.  He wanted me to know I need to be fully awake to this.  Instead of being stunned, expect it.  I will do just that from this point forward.

One more thing–one of our men from Celebrate Recovery was ambulanced to the hospital with heart issues last night.  A stint surgery followed and he is doing well from it.  This man has struggled for some years now.  I am watching and waiting to hear just how God will use this in His Miraculous Ways to not only physically heal him, but to heal a very wounded man emotionally and spiritually.  Our God is so amazing!  I so love watching Him work.

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