The Journey Continues: Dec. 28,2017

Last night was Celebrate Recovery.  My daughter from Oklahoma City went with me to assist with worship.  It was a glorious experience, for me at least.  We also had our first time ever Celebrate Recovery band.  We had a drummer, a guitarist and a mandolin player.  It was so enjoyable and I do believe God was glorified.  I look forward to seeing this grow.  As we got home my daughter said she saw and heard something from being present last night that hadn’t hit her.  Even though her church has a CR, she hasn’t fully taken part in attending except the couple times I’ve visited them and had given my testimony for them.  She was taken back by the openness of people sharing their blatant struggles out loud so all could hear.  She wasn’t sure how to introduce herself until she heard these others doing it and then it hit her.  I would simply say….  She and her husband have worked diligently at their own church to help it be more authentic.  This candidness experienced last night gave insight as to what authentic actually looks like in a spirit-led service.

This morning in my devotions I started Romans.  Paul is talking about living by faith and just how important it is to do this if we are going to be fully free in Christ to live for Him.  Before Celebrate Recovery I had faith that God would keep my story hidden from the world around me so I could live for Him and serve Him in my church and in my work.  I had faith so turned around!  Now I do just the opposite.  I live each day believing that God will use me with my past as I live each day.  I no longer fear if someone finds out I was_________________ or if I had thoughts about _____________.  These are simply my human side living one day at a time.  As I give myself to God’s purposes each day and believe in confident faith, I can be so much freer.  When I confess the truth of my own struggles I allow my truth to help others tell their own.  This is putting confident faith to work by believing God is in control and I don’t need to try and be.

There is much I want to learn in this new territory of faith living.  I do believe strongly that this is part of being a new creation in Christ.  As we grow in being this new creation we more and more understand that doing for Christ starts with believing.  I’m thinking that believing is one of the first steps in personal faith. It only needs to be as big as a mustard seed to start too as stated in Matthew 17:20.   God is wanting me to take this and make it real in my life.  I sense this strongly.  Join me if God is nudging you in this same direction.

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