The Journey Continues: Dec. 30, 2017

Since I’ve started writing this blog my own personal family has been less than connected as a whole unit.  Some things happened about 4 years ago which triggered some hurt that has carried into this year.  However, 2017 has been a year of taking steps by the adults.  My own kids have begun to come together allowing their kids to mingle and be cousins playing together again.  I write this because this Christmas has been a culmination of the grandkids being together much of the time this past week.  It has been a week of joy having them together and it has also been a week of chaos.  I don’t say this complaining, just saying it as a fact.  I love how God keeps growing us into a deeper understanding of Himself and in so doing, a deeper understanding of how to get along with those around us–including family members.  All this chaos ends tomorrow as I take our kids from Oklahoma to the airport about 5:00 am.  Everyone will go home tonight to their respective homes.  Kathy and I will have a home of us and our oldest grandson again.  I think silence will have a new appreciation for a few days.

It seems timely to be reading Romans of late.  It is a book filled with the confusion/division of sin conflicting with us being a new creation in Christ.  As the book is written it is a first generation of believers having had a revelation from Christ’s days/years with them.  However, I read the book and find that over 2000 years later we still have the same struggles.  Living the life of a new creation in Christ is simply a complete contradiction to human living and thinking.  We are so driven to prove ourselves by doing rather than accepting ourselves by being.  Christ tells us He has done the work for us to be with Him and He in us.  I suppose I will live the rest of my human days working through the truth of this to some degree or another.  All I can say is that I am so grateful for the work Christ has done for me and each of us.  Living for Him is a gift and I do want to continue this for the rest of my days.

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