The Journey Continues: Jan. 22, 2018

It is Monday morning and all the little details that can make writing a blog are fully engaged.  The computer was off and we didn’t turn it off, the program wouldn’t open that hosts the blog, all the settings were wrong and wouldn’t cooperate at being reset, etc.  I’m leaving this morning to work this week on the other side of our state so I don’t have endless time to play with all of this.  However, it is working now and away we go.

As I began my journaling this morning I didn’t find it difficult to write to The Holy Spirit except it isn’t a habit yet.  I instantly wrote Father as I began.  It seemed right to cross this out and write Holy Spirit because I sense strongly my Father wants me to get much better acquainted with our Holy Spirit.  I was telling The Holy Spirit it seemed more awkward writing to Him because God and Jesus have some sense of humanness to them since God sent Jesus to us to redeem us.  So as I began to tell The Holy Spirit it would be nice if He would manifest Himself more in a human sense I realized my issue.  He is working to help me be more spiritual and NOT so humanlike.  I almost laughed out loud just writing this.  There are a lot of things I’m getting better awakened to about The Holy Spirit.  These are:  a message that comes to mind that is truly wise, a nudge from within to say or do something, an environment shift that simply makes you well up in tears, a sense of AWE or a sense of genuine peace.  These are all examples of my recognizing The Holy Spirit’s presence.  But, He is always present and this is what I want to get better at realizing so I am not so fast to do what my human spirit says to say or do.

Yesterday in our step study, we were working through the lesson called daily inventory where we are to journal daily recapping the good & bad of each day so one can act on whatever needs to be corrected.  Most of the guys are not good at this yet.  However, I was so touched by their honesty in realizing what is wrong and what is needing to be done.  The Holy Spirit was genuinely working and we were responding to Him within us and within the room.  This is what I’d love to have happen more commonly because I allow The Holy Spirit to take charge and not me.

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