The Journey Continues: Jan. 31, 2018

Yes, the journey does continue.  Yesterday was an emotionally jolting day.  As I was having my devotions and wrestling with the idea of spirit living I had text one of our pastors to meet with him.  He has a much more solid background in this topic so I wanted to anchor some thinking with him.  We set lunch to do this.  I spent the morning doing things here I needed to get done and was headed out the door when my youngest daughter called.  She said she’d been given a letter to move out of her place of work by 3:00 pm yesterday and could I help?  This totally rearranged my afternoon, but she had work to do until 1:30 so that gave me time to still meet for lunch.  As we finished loading her furniture and business things from the room she started coughing and then could hardly breathe.  We got the things to her house, unloaded and she left for the doc.  After waiting 2.5 hrs and still not being seen him she went home.  She is going back today. She also got a call that her car from the wreck two weeks ago has been totaled.

I kept wondering what I could do differently to help make things better?  At quartet practice last night I asked the guys to pray for her.  I was then informed about two other very serious items to pray about for them which is severely impacting a couple people I know well.  As I was having my devotional time with God this morning I read about my need to be righteous conscience rather than sin conscience as I address myself and God.  As a new creation I have righteousness within me because of the Holy Spirit living in me.  It was amazing to see the difficult situations of yesterday from a righteous perspective rather than a sin one.  Human living is always impacted from sin.  God asks us to shift our focus to Him and see through His Spirit’s eyes.  Seeing sin and its impact on living is emotionally devastating.  However, when seeing all of this through righteousness, one sees a pathway from these traumas directly to God through the path Jesus Christ made for us (me).  God uses all things to His Glory if we will turn to Him.

Today my journey’s assignment is to stay focused on righteousness rather than sinfulness.  This assignment is mine as I see others and also as I see myself.  Join me if this fits for you too.

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