The Journey Continues: Feb. 9, 2018

How much I hate being human.  The depth of all its grip on us (me) is overwhelming.  I just don’t see my humanness until after the fact way too often.  God has certainly been teaching me of late about my humanness and that impact on my family members.  Late yesterday afternoon I went to check on another vehicle with my daughter.  It turned out to be another incident much like all the others.  There was one vehicle which my grandson and I thought was an excellent choice but it just didn’t come close to fitting the wants of the driver.  I walked away knowing this was not my battle.  My grandson and I enjoyed the evening together letting go of the vehicle issue for a while.

This morning I am reminded once more of the Almighty Power of God.  However, it is not obtainable unless each one is wanting God to be in control.  Our part is so often to get our thinking aligned with His instead of trying to align God’s thinking with ours.  I’m reading in Ephesians now.  The 4 chapter is quite different than the 5th chapter of Galatians which told me all about the fruits of the Spirit.  Today’s chapter is telling me about the evil of human thinking and actions if The Holy Spirit is not in control.  I can only live in The Holy Spirit if I surrender my flesh and selfishness.  The other thing hitting me is that I can only surrender for myself. Each of us has to surrender for ourselves.  We cannot surrender for one another.  The one thing I do know is that God is Almighty and He will be God when all of this is over.  I continue to stand amazed in His Presence!

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