The Journey Continues: Feb. 10, 2018

I’m having a difficult time getting started writing this blog today.  Almost always I know exactly what I want here or what I think God is wanting me to put here.  Today, there is much to say, but I’m struggling for words.

Yesterday, my daughter and I were able to talk through some important items.  First, we are not selecting a car while we power struggle.  She didn’t see this as a power struggle and I sure didn’t want to helping as though it were one.  We agreed to be praying for God’s leadership.  We also were able to talk through what was important in the car of her choice separating needs from wants.  This was a good step.  I spent the rest of the day in collaboration with the small team of people who do the same work I do with schools.  We are prepping for the actual work of the coming school year which will be to work with the bottom 5% of performing schools in Idaho.  It is quite different from working with the pilot ones I’m presently with.  I do know the issues I’ll face with them, but I don’t want to take on this work if it’s not in God’s plan for me.  I know one of the biggest problems low performing schools face is consistent leadership whether in the classroom or for the school/district itself.  They have constant turnover for various reasons.  I don’t want to add to their problems by quitting mid-stream if I’m to work with them–it’s a three year assignment.  I haven’t heard God’s answer to this but He is giving me hints.

Today’s scripture reading was in Ephesians 5 & 6.  It is in 6:10-18 where Paul outlines putting on the armor of God as we face each day.  In years past I’ve picture putting this armor on each morning as I’d finish my devotional time.  I wouldn’t get very far into the day when I’d beg God to empower me with this armor only to find it not working well.  Today, as I read these verses again I was doing so as a spirit-filled man.  I asked God to give me clarity for them.  As I began to pray from my prayer list I read what I have at the top–New Creation.  I have it written there so I’d remember each morning that I am a new creation thanks to Christ and His Holy Spirit within me.  However, my awakening this morning was that this Armor of God is going on this new creation.  I’ve always attempted to put the armor on the old me which is dead in God’s eyes.  He’s made me new!  Today, I’m going into this day wearing the Armor of God as the new creation He made me to be.  Praise be to God our Father!

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