The Journey Continues: Feb. 12, 2018

Today starts with snow on the ground.  A year ago that would have been scary in that we’d had so much that another inch or two only added to the foot or more already here.  This morning it is a treat in that we’ve had so little.  Tomorrow Kathy and I fly to S. Calif.  I am looking forward to this getaway.  Not only do I get to see my two sisters, we get to have some warmer weather for a change.  I said a little yesterday about my angst in leaving without having my daughter’s car situation settled, but God has provided peace in that His timing is not now and I can not only see this but thank Him for it.  We sure don’t want to settle on a vehicle He isn’t honoring.

Our step study lesson yesterday on Gratitude was so rewarding.  One of the men said he’d dreaded this lesson.  He has struggled this past year so much with his addiction and has relapsed twice.  Giving gratitude seemed not the thing to do at this point.  Yet, he said after the class ended that the sharing in class and hearing from others that gratitude is something he can have even in the midst of the depth of recovery.  His wife is supporting him, his church is fully behind him, he has a job he loves–yes, he struggles, but everyday he has several men who he checks in with or they are checking in with him.  He said he thought this must be what the first church was like.  Christ was helping others come out of their misbeliefs, see the truth and help one another find their own truth in Christ.  This is what happens all the time in Celebrate Recovery.  In our deepest sorrow and sharing there is never judgment given, only support and love.  I am truly grateful for this too.

I’ve had so much support myself in my own recovery.  I remember a few years back when Kathy and I were driving to S. Calif. and I was going to be sharing my recovery testimony to my sis there.  We had spent the night halfway and it was now the morning of the day when we’d arrive.  I had been driving about 30 minutes.  I was so fearful about what I was about to do that I pulled over on the side of the road and simply bawled.  I asked Kathy why in the world she would love me and be so supportive and why would my sis ever love me once she heard what she was about to hear?  Kathy’s words were so touching.  She didn’t see the person I saw in me.  My sis didn’t either.  Now 5 years later, God is helping me see the new creation He has made in me.  I am a servant to man through Christ Jesus telling of a Gift that has been so kindly and lovingly given to me.  This gift is that of Christ Jesus Himself and that of The Holy Spirit.  I want people to know This Gift is also equally available for them.  To God be all Glory!

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