The Journey Continues: Feb. 11, 2018

Today is mom’s birthday.  If she were with us she would be 108 years old.  Well, in many ways she is with me.  I carry the treasure of her smile, her quiet strength deeply within me.  So much of my life I wanted to have that quiet strength of mom entering into the chaos.  Yet, now so many years later, I have let that go and relish in simply loving the wonderful memories of a mom who never quit nor gave up on life itself.  God has used her and her example to help so many of us kids and those who knew her.

When I first was ready to journal this morning I was nudged to not do so until I’d finished the step study lesson we will likely get into later this morning as our class finishes the relapse lesson.  I went ahead and opened my book and saw that the next lesson was Gratitude.  As I read it and completed the questions I knew exactly why God wanted me to pause and do it.  I am driven to have things tidied up when I’m stepping away for a while.  Next Tuesday Kathy and I leave for a week to visit my two sisters in S. Calif.  I haven’t been able to get my daughter’s car squared away for her and this has loomed over my head.  It eats at my inner peace.  So, in doing the gratitude lesson God needed to reawaken me to His timing.  It wasn’t very long ago that He was talking to me about this and this morning He needed to do so again.  My timing is driving me nuts!  He wants me back on His timing.  I know He is working as I’ve seen so much evidence.  I let it go again this morning and thanked Him for all He is doing, has done and will do.  I can go next week knowing He is right here taking care of details I can address when we return.

So, what am I most grateful for at this moment?—A God who has made me an heir of Him and His Kingdom.  In spite of all my humanness–He loves me.  I truly love Him too!

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