The Journey Continues: Feb. 21, 2018

Today’s journey has us heading back to Idaho.  What a wonderful trip this has been.  One of the things Kathy and I have done several times with family here is take a day and go to a little town in the mountains named Julian and then go to the Palomar Observatory.  We did this yesterday with my two sisters.  It was a perfect day.  The weather had changed on Monday to being quite chilly.  There was frost on the ground yesterday morning and there was some remnants of snow at Julian and on the mountain top.  When driving back from Palomar you could see the ocean with the sun glistening on it.  We ended the day having dinner with one of Bonnie’s boys and his family at an Iraqi restaurant.  Kathy and I thought we had gone back to Yemen for a moment.  The food was so similar and good.

I got the details of Pastor Jim’s service last night.  It will be a songfest just like many of his Sunday morning services would be.  People would complain because he didn’t leave himself very much time for his sermon, but then the next Sunday the service would be very much the same.  He loved music and I loved him for this.  His sermons were always spot on with God’s Holy Spirit using it to touch an area of need in your heart.  This would be true for a high school boy as I was when I first started attending all the way through his life.

As we head home today I thank God for providing this chance to be here.  Kathy and I know beyond a shadow of doubt that we were to come and this has been confirmed over and over while here.  My mind wants to shift to being home preparing for all the work forthcoming, but I tell it to stop and enjoy this last morning with our California family.  I treasure these two sisters.  They have been so very important for me personally as I’ve needed to heal from the wounds of abuse.  They have been God’s angels for me.  It is fun and humbling to return a portion of this love when they are the ones hurting from loss.  I do love them.  God is so good when we allow Him to be in charge of our every step.  I want to be much better at this in my days ahead.

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