The Journey Continues: Feb. 22, 2018

I can tell I’m home–I’m anxious about work, Pastor Jim’s service, finding the right car for my daughter, and am I doing all of this through God’s leadership or am I trying to take the reins from Him?  It does seem several things are coming to a head.  My daughter got a call from the rental car company and the insurance is stopping coverage for the rental tomorrow.  Seems we must have a car found by then?  Secondly, I’m working today with a doctor’s appt. in Boise later in the afternoon yet I need to practice for a duet I’m singing in for the service tomorrow at some point this afternoon.  The quartet is already practicing tonight for 4 songs tomorrow.  I realized while lying in bed last night that I will be on the other side of the state next Monday night working and I’m to do a final choir practice for a song I have a solo in the following Sunday.  I’ll be coming home Tuesday from the work just in time for the recovery ministry training to begin.  I do know God’s timing is perfect and I’m to be patient and simply do my part.  That would not include becoming anxious and second guessing every step I’m taking.  God says to trust Him and this is a good time to do so without all the YIKES!

This morning’s devotion time brought me back to my early days when I would spend so much time with Pastor Jim at our church.  I was in my early 20’s.  I had just started teaching and he began to use me more in the work of the church.  I was teaching a class of 20, 5th and 6th grade boys on Sunday morning and again on Wed. night for what was called CYC–Christian Youth Crusaders.  I would lead Sunday morning and Sunday evening singing and often have a solo or a duet even with Jim.  I would often go have coffee, lunch, talk about church growth and dream big time with him!  How I loved those days.

My devotional reading was entitled:  Whom Is God Sending to You?  Between reading it and the scripture reading in Thessalonians I was challenged to look at what I’m doing in light of what it does to impact God’s Kingdom Work.  I know God is not asking me to be the judge of what I do, but to do what He gives me to do believing, and to do it keeping Him in the front line of all the work whether for the church or for secular education.  He will be the One to use it if I am obedient to Him.  So, I’m going to move forward through the next days doing just this–believing and obeying.  I use to love having these conversations with Pastor Jim to confirm whether I was on track.  Now, almost 50 years later, God is wanting these conversations to be with Him.

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