The Journey Continues: Feb. 23, 2018

In just a few hours one of God’s nicest gifts to man will be honored and celebrated.  However, my heart grieves.  I got up this morning drained.  Yesterday afternoon and evening were mostly spent preparing for the music which will only be half of what is planned for the service.  Jim was a lover of music and used it strategically knowing it spoke to people’s hearts when words were not sufficient.  He’d then use that open door to help people step into what God was speaking to them about.  I went to his viewing ahead of the quartet practice and spent time with Lois, Jim’s wife, and their two children who are adults not much younger than me.  Jim’s body was present, but that’s all.  God has taken His Own Spirit and spread Himself throughout hundreds and thousands of lives through Jim’s ministry and work.  The Spirit of God and Jim was what I felt.  Today will hardly do justice to all of this, but what I do know is that God will be Glorified. Whatever Jim did he did it to glorify God and this will not be different today.

As I came to God this morning I didn’t know how to do justice to the part I will have in this service.  He immediately reminded me that He knew and He is planning to do just this.  My feelings of emptiness are on purpose.  He wants me empty so I can be filled with His Purpose rather than what I think should be said when it’s my time to share.  So, with that reminder, I am humbled and ready.  I’ve surrendered me to God Almighty.  There is a well of tears wanting to escape as I write all of this.  I loved this man!  What is so astounding to me is that I know Jim loved me.  He would tell me so even when I was a young man.  I wasn’t use to being loved in a Godly way by a man in my early years but Jim used me in God honoring ways and Jim loved me in God honoring ways.  This is a legacy I want to pass on in God and Jim’s names.

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