The Journey Continues: Feb. 25, 2018

Several weeks ago I was blogging here about God keeping me in one place so I could better learn just what He wanted me to know.  I’ve been sensing this to be true once again.  These past few days have been an emotional roller coaster.  Spending time with my beloved sisters in Calif., coming home to the service of a man I loved, and trying to help my daughter through her tough spot have kept me hugely dependent on God’s leading in my life.  In each of these situations I knew I was to be taking part but I didn’t know ahead of time what the part would be.  I would need to be present and let God do the rest.  Yesterday, my daughter got her car.  Yes, God did just what He always does–provides the one He had planned.  It became available last Thursday night and she was able to drive it home yesterday.  She was very happy and I was praising God.  It was a good lesson once again about leaving the details to God and letting His timing run the course.  This car had the details my daughter hoped to find, much lower miles and much newer than we’d ever hoped to afford.

Kathy left yesterday morning for a funeral and reunion at her home in Wallowa, OR so I had last night to myself.  The Left Behind movies were being played on TV so I literally watched 3 of the 4 during the evening.  They were a good reminder to be faithful, not after the fact, but faithful out of the Bible’s teaching about trusting and obeying what we know regarding Jesus Christ’s example and work on the Cross for each of us.  It would seem so natural for man to see Christ’s work and accept it for them personally.  However, we all know how our own selfishness interferes with this decision.  I pray that the way I live will help others find their own relationship with Christ by accepting Him into their hearts.

In I Timothy chapter 3 it talks entirely about the qualifications of leaders in Christ’s work.  I was reading it this morning and all that Joyce Meyer has to say about this in her life and in her spiritual leadership and growth for herself.  Next Tuesday evening we start the leadership training for the ones God  is nudging to participate for working with those struggling in an area of sexual brokenness.  It was timely to read these characteristics today knowing this is starting in just two days.  God is continuously at work and I want to do my part obeying what He wants me to do rather than doing what I think I need to do and asking God to lead it.

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