The Journey Continues: Feb. 26, 2018

Every once in a while the journey gets disrupted.  This morning my grandson who now works in Boise for a bank could not get his car out of our driveway due to last night’s 3″ of snow.  My 4-wheel drive pickup wouldn’t start so I ended driving him in my car.  We left our house at 6:30 am and by 8:00 we were to Meridian.  Thank goodness the traffic began to move and he made it to work by 8:20–which is only 20 min’s late.  He just started the job a week ago so he didn’t want to look delinquent.  I didn’t blame him.  I’m wired the same way.  So, devotions were disrupted, the blog is being delayed in getting posted, I’m leaving after lunch to drive across the state for work and I need to get the work done this morning for the district I’m meeting with, etc.  These disruptions can cause some angst but in reality, I will just surrender them knowing God is in control.  I did get a good night’s sleep so complications in the morning are more easily handled after sleeping well and the coffee being done!

I spent most of an hour on the phone last evening with a friend who is working diligently on his sobriety.  He and I are learning some common lessons.  I think the most important is just how powerful God is and just how patient He is in waiting for us to recognize He wants to use His power if we will finally let go of our meager attempts to work things out on our own.  I know that all of  us breaking free from bondage have to learn this and many times learn it over and over as the new situations come into our lives.  What I do love about our God is that He is always right there waiting for us to let go of control and allow Him to take it.  My own daughter told me last night talking about her car purchase that she hated hearing from me–“God has the right car in mind. All of our work ahead of Him will only give us heartburn and frustration.”  She said she thanked God for being so good!  Right now I am thanking Him also.

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