The Journey Continues: Feb. 28, 2018

The victory is remarkable!  Last night was a beginning of some work only God can see and do.  We had 11 people come to the first night of training.  It was rather quiet with everyone polite and willing to share guardedly the beginning of their own story/interest in participating in the training.  God is at work and it is obvious the ones He is nudging aren’t yet sure how their part will look.  I can see in my head my own version of what next Fall’s groups will look like, how people will be responding to lessons and talking through their own struggles as each lesson helps them tackle the layers of struggle.  I can see the victorious faces as bondages are released.  I know enough to not try and create my mind’s work, but to only let my mind be what God adjusts as we take all the needed steps to actualize this recovery ministry’s implementation.  I do know from last night that there is very passionate interest.  I am so humbly pleased to be part of this.

Tonight I meet with our Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader who is replacing my spot so the transition can now happen.  The one remaining on the co-leader team will also be there so we can talk through what the new team’s operational responsibilities will look like as they start working together to maintain this tremendous work and grow it as God is leading.  I will stay connected but will back away from the dad to day administrative side of it.

God is nudging me to strengthen my team.  I Timothy 6:12 has a line in it that says “Fight the good fight of the faith.”  Joyce Meyer’s translation of this is that the battlefield of our minds is Satan’s playground and we never win these battles unless we have a spiritual means of gathering in the troops.  This is done through confessing the battle when you sense it starting.  This looks like having thoughts of doubt, temptations, worry, anxiety, etc.  This is exactly what I experienced Monday night in my hotel room.  Did  I reach out?  No, I told you about it yesterday after the fact.  I tell you today I want to be a different man the next time it hits like that.  I will define my battle plan and who my warriors are.  I will then act on it.  Pride sure does get in the way of this.  I so want to outgrow this need but God continues to reinforce the truth that this is not my battle to fight–it is His and only when I surrender will I be strong.  I know all this truth but acting on it is always tougher.  I’m so thankful God is a patient God.  So, here we go.

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