The Journey Continues: Feb. 27, 2018

Today is a day I’ve looked forward to with much anticipation for a couple months.  I’ve dreaded this day and looked forward to it both.  Today we begin the training for leading people out of their sexual darkness, bondage, closets, sins done to them and by them.  In order to do this we’ve had to face our own and in so doing, God has replaced the bondage with a passion to help others find their own freedom.  I’ve known all along that Satan is not a fan of losing bondage–he is the author of it.  So, I am wide awake this morning knowing he is active.  Last night I fought him over and over.  Some of it was in dreams, some of it was in fighting my own memories of abuse, some of it was in temptations and some was in simply wanting to quit all this.   However, this morning I am ready to be part of God’s Army and fight.  God didn’t allow my past or anyone other’s without an intent to glorify Himself by assisting us to find His intimate love and strength to overcome it and help others by sharing and supporting them.

My day is a hectic one.  I’m leaving very soon to work with a district a couple hundred miles from home (I’m already here), finish “early I hope” and head home so I’m on time for tonight’s first training.  I ask for prayers from any reader for those participating tonight.  I know each one will likely have their own story of battle knowing they are displeasing the one who has kept them so long in their own strife.  God is mighty to save but unless we turn to others for prayerful support, we will not know this Might.  Please join me in praying and thank you.

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